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Controversial Leura mobile tower gets ready

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Despite a number of protest letters, and backing from the local school newsletter, the 3G tower has been installed on top of the Spires. The photo below shows the crew preparing it for activation.

Although protesters suggest any level of electromagnetic radiation is unsafe, at least siting the tower in a high location, in an area generally commercial, rather than residential, and several hundred metres from the school, takes advantage of the inverse square law to give broad coverage at lower power levels. And compared to some towers it doesn’t look that bad.

Vodafone also responded to objections to the tower on health and safety grounds, citing evidence the power levels at which it would be operated are below accepted standards. The reply is unlikely to mollify protesters, however, as it basically says there is nothing to worry about according to science, rather than addressing the protesters non-scientific concerns that in the future there may be evidence that mobile towers are health hazards.

Leura's new mobile tower approaches commisssioning

Leura's new mobile tower approaches commisssioning