Woolworths in Leura

The Gazette reports, in a story that I think buried the lede, that Woolworths has struck a deal to buy the old Colless site in the Mall.

Work on the development has apparently ceased while future plans are confirmed. It is believed Woolies want to open a gourmet supermarket under the  Thomas Dux Grocer branding, retaining the planned underground car parking but no longer going ahead with the previously approved residential apartments on upper stories.

If the Woolworths plan goes ahead, it appears to be much more in keeping witht he village character – an up market supermarket catering to the Double Bay of the mountains ;-)

In any case, a scaled back development has positives for retaining Leura’s streetscape feel.

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  • Paul
    June 25th, 2009 11:22

    Funny, you don’t know anything yet (because so far there were only unconfirmed rumours) and already you are rejoicing that Woolworths is coming to Leura. The little detail that Thomas Dux is an upmarket and therefore very expensive shop obviously escaped your attention. Or perhaps you have got a thick vallet. Who cares about locals, they can shop elsewhere, hey…

  • mike
    June 25th, 2009 13:52

    I wouldn’t say rejoicing is the right word. I think the originally proposed retail/apartments development was pretty ugly and not in keeping with the rest of the street, so I’m glad to hear it won’t proceed in that form.
    I also think it is amusing that Leura, always viewed as being a bit snobby, may get a branch of Woolies’ upmarket grocer.
    I do my shopping at Coles and occasionally Franklins, and my family is a member of the Food Co-op. I expect I will add Aldi to that list when it opens, but I do go to Goodies (formerly the IGA) in the Mall occasionally for odds and ends. Certainly they are more expensive than the big supermarkets in Katoomba, as you would expect.
    I do know locals who seek out exclusively organic food, and I expect they would be happy to have an option in Leura now that Conifer Hill has moved out.
    I’m guessing from your comment you expect that Goodies will close, and the new grocer will be dearer.
    Both those things may be true, but its funny, you don’t know anything yet (because so far there were only unconfirmed rumours) and already you are opposing the possibility of a new grocer.
    I hope a development in keeping with the village goes ahead, and if it has a supermarket, I hope it is of good quality and reasonably priced, but time will tell.

  • Paul
    July 1st, 2009 09:59

    It was said yesterday by a newsagent (in Leura) who seems to know it all, and he was very pleased about that I might add, that infactly Woolworths was going into Leura Mall, not the Thomas Dux, the ’boutique'(=overpriced; we know that from Lane Cove where TD already is) greengrocer.
    A young friend said how she was disgusted and said why not get a Westfield canopy throw right over the Leura Mall and be done with it…
    Doesn’t Leura deserves better than a huge supermarket?
    After the Spires why would you trust this Council to be truthful about the ‘Leura’s hole in the ground’.
    If it is a full blown Woolies, may God help us.

  • richard
    November 24th, 2010 14:15

    the mountains needs more retail or more of something else to expand and keep the flow of jobs in the mountains, but everywhere i turn or read, there’s always someone whos opposes it for their own selfish reasons. sick of having to pay more then you need too? the add the competition!

  • freda
    September 4th, 2012 08:42

    There are plenty of jobs in non-retail such as welfare disabilities – these areas need to be improved. Materialistic gain is not health adn too much of it exists in Sydney – The Mountains keeps a balance between a heathly sustainable lifestyle – we do not want too much more in the way of materialic greed – there is enough. Jobs in other areas are needed but do not try to turn the mountains into another greedy materilistic hell-hole like Sydney if people want that then go to Penrith because that is where that attitude will get you

  • freda
    September 4th, 2012 08:47

    No more supermarkets for the Mountains we have enough. Woolworths is good and the customer service is the best in the Mountains – the ladys on the check- out are the best customer service people in the Mountains. Woolworths should train all the cafes etc in the Mountains in customer service becaue everywhere else is rude and arrogant. I don’t no these ladys but I shop at Woolworth for one reason – the lovely ladies on the check -out – they should all be given a rise or promotion.

    Customer service in the Mountains is vile – Woolworths wins hands-down in that area.

    It is over priced adn I do not as a local want any more supermarkets in the Mountains that is enough – but woolies is good


  • freda
    September 4th, 2012 08:50

    GIVE ALL THE LADIES ON THE CHECKOUTS A RISE OR PROMOTION – SERIOUSLY IN 15 YEARS OF LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS I HAVE BARELY COME ACROSS ONE PERSON THAT IS GOOD AT CUSTOMERS SERVICE YOUR LADIES (especially one the older ones she has shortist blonde hair often there in the mornings) are the reason I shop there because I don’t have to put up with gossip or nastyness – it makes it a pleasure to shop – but then maybe they are not over worked and stressed like at coles that is why they are so ggod and pleasant.

  • Michael
    September 4th, 2012 09:18

    With a new huge Coles being built in Katoomba, plus Woolies and Big W slated to open there, I’m afraid the ship has sailed on trying to keep the mountains unique in terms of small business etc.

  • ted
    December 28th, 2012 22:18

    Has anyone realised whats already happened to Katoomba? Penrith has everything, so Katoomba loses out on shoppers. If Katoomba had more choice, noone would leave town to shop and would support the local small businesses that thrive around the franchise foot traffic (ie, the cafes where people eat whilst out shopping)..The town doesn’t cater to my retail needs at all, so I rarely go there.

    To all the people who go on about big business vs small business, where do you buy your groceries? You could be going to Wentworth Falls to support locals, are you?
    Enjoy the characteristics of the empty shops and being stuck in the past.

  • Greg
    February 21st, 2013 18:28

    I’m moving back to the mountains from Qld and have been doing some research on how things have changed. I don’t need to worry because it seems most of the population is still in the 80’s anti development league…. For the record I was born in Katoomba hospital, schooled in Hazelbrook and Katoomba primary, High School Katoomba, first job SuperKmart (as I was known then)… Hopefully when Woolies open ill work there or BigW… Oh and I guess I’ll see most of you there doing your xmas shopping…lol

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