Local Council Elections – Australia First Party in Ward One

With Councill elections due this weekend, the SMH highlights the party of three of the candidates running in Ward 1. The article includes detail of the Australia First Party leader Jim Saleam’s past, and links to far right organisations.

“Mr Saleam spent three and a half years in the 1990s in prison, for supplying a gun to two skinheads who shot up the home of an African National Congress representative while his young family was inside. He was jailed for a further two years for insurance fraud. In the 1970s, he was involved with Australia’s Nazi Party – the Nationalist Socialist Party of Australia – and has been photographed on several occasions wearing swastika armbands. He also had links to the Patriotic Youth League at the time of the 2005 Cronulla riots.”

The NSW Electoral Commission maintains a list of all candidates in Ward One.

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  • Dr. James Saleam
    September 7th, 2012 20:45

    I note that the Sydney Morning Herald smear of me is just the latest of a number.It is almost as if an agenda operates?

    The latest was timed by a guttersnipe journalist with whom I refused to converse.

    Your readers should know that the two inter-related court cases run against me in the 1980’s were as significant as those run agianst the Ananda Marga Three, the Croatian Six and Tim Anderson for the Hilton Bomb – same corrupt police, same methods and so forth.

    Why not be a little brave and try:




    Odd how the Heraad never, ever, reports the data that arose subsequent to these so-called trials.It might bust their propaganda script.

    Interesting that this site would run the BS.

    Best wishes to you.
    Dr. Jim Saleam

    PS And by the way – it was I who exposed the inter-relationship of so-called 1970’s ‘Nazis’ and the political police agencies like Special Branch.

  • admin
    September 8th, 2012 00:18

    Mr Saleam has a long history of disputes with the government. Here is a link to a number of court judgments, both for and against him:

  • admin
    September 8th, 2012 00:19

    Apologies. Doctor Saleam.

  • Mike
    September 9th, 2012 20:32

    Ward One Results are very close. Robert Stock (IND) and Michael Begg (Lib) look to be through, and probably Don McGregor (ALP) although he only leads the Greens by about 60 votes with about 75% counted. There don’t appear to be enough votes for Australia First (who polled 1.9%, or 156 votes so far) to push it one way or another, as I would expect any preferences there to flow to Libs or IND, so it will be down to the last couple of thousand votes.

  • Dr. James Saleam
    September 10th, 2012 15:33

    Fair. I have a long series of disputes with state agencies.

    I wonder why?

    Unfortunately, liberal opinion which was available in the Hilton and Ananda Marga cases favoured a consciousness of injustice – was not avilable to me. It was not available to the Croatian Six until recent releases of Yugoslav state documents suggested a miscarriage of justice.

    You might also be interested in:


    Again, I remind you that the SMH knows all this and ignores it absolutely.

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