Optus Broadband coming?

Interesting to see Optus doing some duct work in Leura. This could indicate they intend to add DSLAMs to upper mountains exchanges, finally giving some competition to Telstra in the area. With no ADSL2+ ports currently available in Leura exchange, and nearing capacity at both Blackheath and Katoomba, it certainly looks like the demand is there (capacity source: http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/)

As always, the best broadband deals are published on Whirlpool, just be cautious as many providers offer substantially different plans where they have their own ADSL infrastructure, versus where they buy it off-net from Telstra. Make sure the plan you want is available at your location.

2 Responses to “Optus Broadband coming?

  • Peter Hoskin
    October 22nd, 2012 19:38

    I’d imagine that you likely sighted Optus working on their mobile phone network and/or the fibre optic cables that support it.

    Your very own reference shows that Optus has not expanded their ADSL2 network for some time at http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/viewprovider.php

    This is mostly because Optus were riding on funding by the OPEL program which was approved and financed by the Howard government. Since the NBN’s introduction under the Labour government, most the driving force on ADSL2+ exchange expansion has come to a stand still.

    Further to this, most ADSL connections across Blackheath, Katoomba & Leura are supported by mini-mux devices which are essential to providing coverage and as they’re owned by Telstra they would not be made available to other carriers unless that carrier is purchasing an ADSL product from Telstra. In other words if you fitted one of these exchanges with an ADSL2+ DSLAM, your coverage would be far from equal to Telstra’s ADSL network.

    You mentioned that Whirlpool publishes the “best deals” – I ask you do these “best deals” have such in-depth knowledge of our area? Feel free to call me at the office – 0247058055

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